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Sunday, April 10, 2005


7.01am 10 April 2005 Sunday

When Andreas and I were going through the initial hiccups, I wondered if I should write it all here. I didn't try, but somehow it seemed inappropriate to. It's not just because I'm used to this being your space, but also because it seemed... unfair to him that I treat our relationship as though he's just a backup for you. Oh, but he isn't. He's tall, fair haired, green eyed and gentle. If there's anything I like about him, it's how he is so peaceful, quiet and gentle.

There isn't alot of passion, on my side at least, but we share similar interests, which makes him a good companion to have. He's in the scientific community, which makes it easy for me to talk to him about stuff in school and at work, although he's in engineering. He's a good writer, and very frank in his feelings, which means I'd never have to play games nor to guess where I stand with him. We like to hike, and of course, badminton is part of this whole story. Sometimes we talk about books we like, and he gets the literary parts of my favourite movies too. There isn't much drama when it comes to this guy, because he never seems to show much emotion. It's not that he's emotionless, but more like he... just doesn't express it much.

So no, he's not someone whom I'm just going out with interim fulfilling our compromise. But yet I know it's not possible with him. Is that how you feel too?


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